The Bemus Point Historical Society, as part of its mission , is intent upon sharing its resources and archives with students of Bemus Point School District.

- - -

     For example, members Mike Rodgers and Fletcher (Ned) Ward hosted three fourth grade classes at the museum where they discussed the history of Native Americans in our village and town.

     Also, member Bob Terreberry met individually with each of the fourth grade classes at the school and using the book, “History of the Village of Bemus Point, New York” by local author and member Mary Jane Stahley, led them in discussions of how history is respected and retained, the early history of Bemus Point, why we study our history, how each of is an historian and how individuals participate in their communities in meaningful ways.

     In the Spring, our fourth grade school program will take place, and the classes will participate in a guided walk through the Village and parts of the Bemus Point Cemetery using the society's self-guided tour pamphlets.


The Society's commitment to the educational aspects of our mission is strong and has support from the members and school district staff.